Use Field Tags in the Definition of Struct Type

During the definition of a struct type, optional string values may be added to each field declaration.


package main
import (
type Employee struct {
    FirstName  string `json:"firstname"`
    LastName   string `json:"lastname"`
    City string `json:"city"`
func main() {
    json_string := `
        "firstname": "Rocky",
        "lastname": "Sting",
        "city": "London"
    emp1 := new(Employee)
    json.Unmarshal([]byte(json_string), emp1)
    emp2 := new(Employee)
    emp2.FirstName = "Ramesh"
    emp2.LastName = "Soni"
    emp2.City = "Mumbai"
    jsonStr, _ := json.Marshal(emp2)
    fmt.Printf("%s\n", jsonStr)
The tags are represented as raw string values (wrapped within a pair of ``) and ignored by normal code execution.
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