Constructors in Golang

There are no default constructors in Go, but you can declare methods for any type. You could make it a habit to declare a method called "Init". Not sure if how this relates to best practices, but it helps keep names short without loosing clarity.


package main

import "fmt"

type Employee struct {
    Name string
    Age int

func (e *Employee) Init(name string, age int) {
    e.Name = name
    e.Age = age

func info(name string, age int) *Employee {
    e := new(Employee)
    e.Name = name
    e.Age = age   
    return e

func main() {
    emp := new(Employee)
    emp.Init("John Doe",25)
    fmt.Printf("%s: %d\n", emp.Name, emp.Age)
	empInfo := info("John Doe",25)


John Doe: 25
&{John Doe 25}
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