Beego create simple Route and use GET method to display page content

In below example we are creating a simple About Us page. For which we are creating a new controller, set the route for controller, call Get method to load the page and content for that page.
Step 1:
Go to the views folder [src\demoProject\views] and create basic layout which we can use in all CMS pages. - Create homelayout.html write below code in head section.
<meta name="keywords" content="{{.Keywords}}"/>
<meta name="description" content="{{.Description}}">
- Add below code in body section.

View layout - Now Create another file aboutTemplate.html with below code.
<div class="row">
  <div class="col-md-12" role="main">
    <div class="post-container">
      <h2 class="post-title page-title"><a href="{{.URL}}" rel="bookmark">{{.Name}}</a></h2>
       <!-- content -->
       <div class="post-content">
       {{str2html .Content}}
{{.Keywords}}, {{.Description}}, {{.Title}}, {{.URL}}, {{.Name}}, {{str2html .Content}} are diffrent dynamic variables values. Values for such variables going to be initialize at time when Controller load respective Get Method. {{.LayoutContent}} loads the template file.
Step 2:
Go to the controllers folder [src\demoProject\controllers] and create common.go file in which we can import common packages and load default layout of view. - Write below code in common.go
package controllers

import (

type Common struct {

func (this *Common) Prepare() {
	this.Layout = "homelayout.html"
- Now create AboutController this we can use to display a simple About Us page. - Write below code in about.go
package controllers

type AboutController struct {

func (this *AboutController) Get() {	
	this.TplName = "aboutTemplate.html"		

func (this *AboutController) Content() {
	this.Data["URL"] = "/about"	
	this.Data["Title"] = "Software Leader in India | Technology Service Provider | Software Company"
	this.Data["Description"] = "Microsoft Corporation India is one of the fastest growing subsidiaries of Microsoft Corporation.  Microsoft in India,  is the leading technology service provider."
	this.Data["Keywords"] = "microsoft"
	this.Data["Name"] = "Impacting lives, transforming businesses"
	this.Data["Content"] = "At Microsoft, we are on a mission to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Our way forward is to build best-in-class platforms and productivity services for a mobile-first, cloud-first world. We’ll also keep innovating to reinvent productivity & business processes, build the intelligent cloud platform and create more personal computing solutions."
In about AboutController we have Get() method which is loads the aboutTemplate.html and at same time Content function will pass data to various variables. The values of this.Data["URL"], this.Data["Title"], this.Data["Description"], this.Data["Keywords"], this.Data["Name"], this.Data["Content"] will display on aboutTemplate.html and homelayout.html.
Step 3:
Go to the routers folder [src\demoProject\routers] and open the router.go file. Add below line in router.go to call the AboutController's Get Method. - The updated code in router.go is as follow:
package routers

import (

func init() {
    beego.Router("/", &controllers.MainController{})
    beego.Router("/about", &controllers.AboutController{})
Step 4:
Now using commond prompt go to the [src\demoProject] folder and run the commond "bee run watchall" - In browser now hit the URL Run Bee About Us