Creating Instances of Struct Types

The var keyword initializes a variable rect. Using dot notation, values are assigned to the struct fields.


package main
import "fmt"
type rectangle struct {
	length  int
	breadth int
	color   string
	geometry struct {
		area      int
		perimeter int
func main() {
	var rect rectangle // dot notation
	rect.length = 10
	rect.breadth = 20
	rect.color = "Green"
	rect.geometry.area = rect.length * rect.breadth
	rect.geometry.perimeter = 2 * (rect.length + rect.breadth)
	fmt.Println("Area:\t", rect.geometry.area)
	fmt.Println("Perimeter:", rect.geometry.perimeter)
The struct is printed to the terminal, showing the values have been assigned.
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