How can we reverse a simple string in Go?

Below is a very short example to reverse a string. ReverseString function created to reverse input string and returns type is String.


package main 
import "fmt"

type Runes []rune

func (str Runes) ReverseString() (revStr Runes) {
    l := len(str); revStr = make(Runes, l)    
    for i := 0; i <= l/2; i++ { 
        revStr[i], revStr[l-1-i] = str[l-1-i], str[i] 
    return revStr

func (str Runes) String() string {
    return string(str)

func main() { 
    inputStr := "Most Popular Golang String Functions"
    strRune := Runes(inputStr)
    outputStr := strRune.ReverseString()    
	fmt.Println("Original: ",inputStr)
    fmt.Println("Reversed: ",outputStr)
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