Dynamic JSON parser without Struct in Golang

Gabs is a small utility for dealing with dynamic or unknown JSON structures in Go. It does not require you to know the structure of the payload (eg. create structs), and allows accessing fields by providing the path to them. It's pretty much just a helpful wrapper for navigating hierarchies of map[string]interface{} objects provided by the encoding/json package. It does nothing spectacular apart from being fabulous.


package main

import (


func main() {
	data := []byte(`{
			  "street":"22 Saint-Lazare",

	jsonParsed, err := gabs.ParseJSON(data)
	if err != nil {

	// Search JSON
	fmt.Println("Get value of Protected:\t", jsonParsed.Path("employees.protected").Data())
	fmt.Println("Get value of Country:\t", jsonParsed.Search("employees", "address", "country").Data())
	fmt.Println("ID of first employee:\t", jsonParsed.Path("employees.employee.0.id").String())
	fmt.Println("Check Country Exists:\t", jsonParsed.Exists("employees", "address", "countryCode"))

	// Iterating address objects
	for key, child := range jsonParsed.Search("employees", "address").ChildrenMap() {
		fmt.Printf("Key=>%v, Value=>%v\n", key, child.Data().(string))

	// Iterating employee array
	for _, child := range jsonParsed.Search("employees", "employee").Children() {

	// Use index in your search
	for _, child := range jsonParsed.Search("employees", "employee", "0").Children() {


Get value of Protected:  false
Get value of Country:    France
ID of first employee:    1
Check Country Exists:    true
Key=>street, Value=>22 Saint-Lazare
Key=>postalCode, Value=>75003
Key=>city, Value=>Paris
Key=>countryCode, Value=>FRA
Key=>country, Value=>France
map[id:1 first_name:Jeanette last_name:Penddreth]
map[id:2 firstName:Giavani lastName:Frediani]
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