GO Hello World program

A simple GO program to display "Hello, World!" on the screen. Traditionally, the first program you write in any programming language is called a "Hello, World" program—a program that simply outputs Hello, World to your terminal.


package main	// Package Declaration, every Go program must start with it
				// White Spaces or Newline or Tabs, Go mostly doesn't care about this
import "fmt"	// import is a keyword use to include code fro other package
				// fmt is package 
				// use of double quotes like this is known as String literal
/* ======Function Declration Starts==== */

func main(){		// all functions start with keyword func followed by name of function
	fmt.Println("Hello World")	//function inside fmt package called Println

/* ======Function Declration Ends======	*/
GO programs are read top to bottom, left to right. There are two types of GO programs: executable's and libraries.
The line starts with // is known as a comment. Comments are ignored by GO compiler.
You can use /* */ to write multiple line comments.

The main piece of our program line is:
fmt.Println("Hello World")

Println function called Under fmt package,
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