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How can I convert a string variable into Boolean, Integer or Float type in Golang?

The following source code snippet shows an abbreviated program with several String variables value parsed in Float, Boolean and Integer.

The parse functions ParseBool, ParseFloat and ParseInt convert strings to values. Hence String variable values getting stored as Boolean, Float and Integer in respective data types.
package main

import (    

func main() {	

	fmt.Println("\nConvert String into Boolean Data type\n")
	str1 := "japan"
	fmt.Println("Before :", reflect.TypeOf(str1))
	bolStr,_ := strconv.ParseBool(str1)
    fmt.Println("After :", reflect.TypeOf(bolStr))	
	fmt.Println("\nConvert String into Float64 Data type\n")
	str2 := "japan"
    fmt.Println("Before :", reflect.TypeOf(str2))		
	fltStr,_ := strconv.ParseFloat(str2,64)
    fmt.Println("After :", reflect.TypeOf(fltStr))	
	fmt.Println("\nConvert String into Integer Data type\n")
	str3 := "japan"	
    fmt.Println("Before :", reflect.TypeOf(str3))
	intStr,_ := strconv.ParseInt(str3,10,64)
    fmt.Println("After :", reflect.TypeOf(intStr))
C:\golang\codes>go run example2.go

Convert String into Boolean Data type

Before : string
After : bool

Convert String into Float64 Data type

Before : string
After : float64

Convert String into Integer Data type

Before : string
After : int64