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  1. Golang download image from given URL
  2. Golang Read Write Create and Delete text file
  3. Golang Slice vs Map Benchmark Testing
  4. Golang Read Write and Process data in CSV
  5. Golang Slice interface and array concatenation
  6. Golang Convert String into Snake Case
  7. Example: Arrays of Arrays, Arrays of Slices, Slices of Arrays and Slices of Slices
  8. Replace numbers by zero from string
  9. Replace first occurrence of string using Regexp
  10. Replace any non-alphanumeric character sequences with a dash using Regex
  11. Regular expression to validate common Credit Card Numbers
  12. Regular expression to validate the date format in "dd/mm/yyyy"
  13. Regular expression to validate phone number
  14. Regular expression to validate email address
  15. Regular expression to extract domain from URL
  16. Regular expression to extract DNS host-name or IP Address from string
  17. Regular expression to extract date(YYYY-MM-DD) from string
  18. Regular expression to extract all Non-Alphanumeric Characters from a String
  19. Regular expression to extract text between square brackets
  20. Sample program to create csv and write data
  21. How to get current IP form ipify.org ?
  22. Split URL and Get Parameters from URL
  23. Split a character string based on change of character
  24. How to use wildcard or a variable in our URL for complex routing?
  25. Example to handle GET and POST request in Golang